The backbone of Marshal Foch's victories', June 1916.

The Leviathans of the French Artillery – the backbone of Marshal Foch’s Victories – not made or used to bomb Cities and Towns at long distance to terrify Civilians, but to destroy the power of Prussian Militarism. They have succeeded in their objective. The wonderful mechanism of their power is shown in this series of five realistic Photographs.EX 77. One of 193 British and Allied Official photographs taken on the Western Front during World War One. Mounted on card, some with their original captions.Associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). During World War One the demand for heavy field artillery was never-ending. To meet this need, both the Allies and Germans moved large numbers of static coastal guns and naval guns to the front, but these were typically unsuitable for field use and required some kind of mounting. The railway gun provided the obvious solution. By 1916, both sides were deploying railway guns. The most famous railway gun of the war was the German Paris Gun.