Major William Barker in a Sopwith Camel, 1917.

Major William Barker DSO, MC, of No. 28 Squadron in flight in a Sopwith Camel on the Italian front, 1917. William George Barker (1894-1930) of the Royal Flying Corps was a Canadian fighter ace and one of the most decorated Commonwealth servicemen of all time. Credited with 50 victories, he was awarded two Distinguished Service Orders (DSO) and two Military Crosses (MC) before being awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) following an action in France on 27 October 1918. While flying alone his aircraft was attacked by 15 German Fokker D.VII’s. Despite twice fainting from three wounds he downed four and drove off the remainder before crash landing behind Allied lines.Lantern slide from a box of 80 lantern slides associated with the Western Front, 1917.