A column of Mosquito tanks, 1917.

Shows a column of French Renault FT 17 ‘Mosquito’ Tanks, as well as troops on motorcycle and walking. (1917 (c)-1918 (c)). The French Renault FT 17 Light Tank, nicknamed the Mosquito, was one of the best light tanks of the war. Its revolutionary design featured a turret with a 360-degree traverse. Weighing 6.5 tonnes and fitted with a moderate 35-horsepower engine, this tank only required a crew of two, a driver and a commander. Its main armament was a 8 mm Hotchkiss 1914 machine-gun, although later models were fitted with a larger cannon. Over 3,500 of these tanks (of five variants) were built during the conflict. One of 193 British and Allied Official photographs taken on the Western Front during World War One. Mounted on card, some with their original captions. Associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918).