The Crozat Canal, 1918.

Our fearless men fighting against great odds, the bridges and across the Crozat Canal’, 1918. On 29 September 1918 the Allies attacked on the St Quentin Canal as part of their great offensive. Australian and American troops assaulted a strongly defended sector at Bellicourt with tanks, artillery and aircraft being used in a co-ordinated attack. Meanwhile, the British 46th Division made an amphibious crossing of the canal to the south. During the following days the Allied attacks met with more success and all the lines were fully breached. The Crozat Canal was a section of the St Quentin Canal between the River Somme and the River Oise. From a collection of ninety-six stereoscopic photographs in box two of two entitled ‘The Great War’ including the official series. With stereoscopic viewer. Stereographs consist of two identical photographs paired in such a way that when seen through a special viewing instrument, a stereoscope, they appear as a three-dimensional images. By 1899 the photographs were mounted on thick card that was given a slight curvature to increase the illusion of depth. Associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918).