The wreckage of a Zeppelin, September 1916.

The wreckage of a Zeppelin being inspected by British soldiers, September 1916. The wrecked Zeppelin is probably L33 which was damaged by anti-aircraft fire while returning from a bombing raid on London that killed six people and injured 16 others on the night of 23-24 September 1916. Losing altitude, L33 was then attacked near Chelmsford by an aircraft flown by Second Lieutenant Alfred de Bath Brandon MC, Royal Flying Corps. Commanded by Captain Alois Böcker, L33 was forced to crash land at Little Wigborough in Essex and her crew were captured. One of 193 British and Allied Official photographs taken on the Western Front during World War One. Mounted on card, some with their original captions. Associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918).