A Gotha falls foul of the Belgian guns', 1917.

On the night of the 6th-7th June a Gotha was brought down on the Belgian lines. It was engaged on a bombing expedition against Dunkirk and was flying at top speed when it was picked up by search-lights. The Belgian anti-aircraft guns got into action at once and winged the Gotha which managed to descend having first jettisoned her cargo of bombs. The crew, a captain, lieutenant, and a non-com[missioned officer] tried to escape in the darkness but were discovered by Belgian soldiers hiding in a ditch. The wreck of the machinery of the Gotha. F.W.C. 24. One of 193 British and Allied Official photographs taken on the Western Front during World War One. Mounted on card, some with their original captions.Associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918).