Viewing correct aim through the Le Gret aim teacher, 1914.

The Le Gret Aim Teacher was adopted in 1911 to assist in the principles of aiming with military sights; its use was included in training manuals. According to the ‘Musketry Regulations’ of 1909 (reprinted with minor amendments in 1914) the purpose of musketry training was to render the individual soldier proficient in the use of small-arms, to make him acquainted with the capabilities of the weapon with which he was armed, and to give him confidence in its power and accuracy. The recruits’ course of instruction included a general description of the rifles (usually the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Marks III and IV) and ammunition used, the care of arms, the theory of rifle fire, aiming and firing, visual training and judging distance. Lantern slide from a box of 43 lantern slides associated with musketry drill, World War One, 1914-1918.One of 29 boxes of lantern slides.Associated with World War One, (1914-1918).