Trench firing - Ready, 1914.

According to the ‘Musketry Regulations’ of 1909 (reprinted with minor amendments in 1914) the purpose of musketry training was to render the individual soldier proficient in the use of small-arms, to make him acquainted with the capabilities of the weapon with which he was armed, and to give him confidence in its power and accuracy. The recruits’ course of instruction included a general description of the rifles (usually the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Marks III and IV) and ammunition used, the care of arms, the theory of rifle fire, aiming and firing, visual training and judging distance. Lantern slide from a box of 43 lantern slides associated with musketry drill, World War One, 1914-1918. One of 29 boxes of lantern slides. Associated with World War One, (1914-1918).