Gondola - from which bombs were dropped.., 1916 (c).

Gondola – from which bombs were dropped…of Zeppelin brought down off the Essex coast’, 1916 (c). British military personnel inspect the wreckage of a German airship. The first Zeppelin raid on Britain was at Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn in January 1915. London was first attacked on 31 May 1915, when seven people were killed and £18,000 worth of damage caused. In the months that followed, fifty further Zeppelin raids took place and a blackout was imposed on the city. From a collection of one hundred and one stereoscopic photographs in box one of two entitled ‘The Great War’ including the official series. With stereoscopic viewer. Stereographs consist of two identical photographs paired in such a way that when seen through a special viewing instrument, a stereoscope, they appear as a three-dimensional images. By 1899 the photographs were mounted on thick card that was given a slight curvature to increase the illusion of depth. Associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918).