Horse-drawn supply carts, 1916 (c).

During the war thousands of horses, mules and donkeys served with British forces on the Western Front. They were used to carry supplies and ammunition, transport the wounded and pull guns. Thousands of animals were killed or wounded, while others succumbed to fatigue and disease. Photograph from a collection concerning British troops at the front, groups, gassed soldiers going to the rear, in barrack hut, trenches, horse transport, Vickers machine gunners, artillery in action, field kitchen, troops in Arras, German troops assisting in casualty evacuation. Photograph is related to 16th Bn Middlesex Regiment 1914-1916, 10th Cadet Bn and 16th Bn Hampshire Regiment, 1916, Royal Engineers, 1916-1919. From a collection of 282 photographs collected by 2Lt Cooper.