Belgian Carabiniers with a dog drawn machine gun cart, 1914.

Belgian Carabiniers with a dog drawn machine gun cart, 20 August 1914. Belgian troops move up to oppose the advancing German Army during the retreat to Antwerp. The withdrawal had been ordered by King Albert I following the fall of the Liege forts on 16 August 1914. The ‘National Redoubt’ at Antwerp consisted of over 40 forts and several lines of defences. While the main German invasion force elected to bypass Antwerp and advance through Belgium and into France, it was still necessary to detach four divisions towards Antwerp in order to prevent the 145,000 Belgian troops there attacking the main force’s flank. After resisting several sorties from the city, the Germans finally launched an all-out attack on Antwerp in September. After a month-long siege the city fell on 9 October. Lantern slide from a box of 70 lantern slides associated with the German invasion of Belgium, 1914. One of 29 boxes of lantern slides. Associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918).