Field Marshal Lord Kitchener inspecting troops, Halton, 1914.

Field Marshal Lord Kitchener inspecting the 10th Battalion, The York and Lancaster Regiment in camp at Halton, 1914. The 10th (Service) Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment, was formed at Pontefract, Yorkshire in September 1914 as part of Lord Kitchener’s ‘New Army’. Service battalions were formed especially for service during the First World War (1914-1918) and were disbanded at the conclusion of hostilities. Since conscription was not introduced until 1916, their members would all have been volunteers. This battalion was stationed at Halton in Buckinghamshire until August 1915, whilst undergoing training. It saw action at the Battles of Loos (25 September-14 October 1915), the Somme (24 June-13 November 1916) and Arras (9-15 April 1917), and was eventually disbanded in February 1918. The artist, Jamieson, served with the 10th (Service) Battalion with the temporary rank of second lieutenant from January 1915, and was quartermaster with the honorary rank of lieutenant from May 1915. In January 1918, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. Oil on canvas by Alexander Jamieson (1873-1937), 1914.