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Starstreak high velocity missile

The Starstreak High Velocity Missile (HVM) is designed to counter threats from very high performance, low-flying aircraft and fast 'pop up' strikes by helicopter attacks.

The missile, which travels at more than three times the speed of sound, uses a system of three dart-like projectiles, allowing multiple hits on the target. HVM can be fired from the shoulder, from a lightweight multiple launcher or from the Stormer armoured vehicle.

Shoulder-launched Starstreak and lightweight multiple launcher

The portable shoulder-launched (single missile) Starstreak is assembled and ready to fire in a few seconds. Preparation for firing involves clipping an aiming unit on to the missile canister.

The aiming unit includes an optical head consisting of a stabilisation system, an aiming mark injector and a monocular sight. The target is acquired and optically tracked using the monocular sight and aiming mark.

The lightweight multiple launcher (LML) has an automatic fire unit and can be carried on any light wheeled vehicle, such as a Land Rover.

The multiple launcher employs three canister missiles together with clip-on equipment and a standard aiming unit. Three targets can be engaged in quick succession without the need for reloading.

Starstreak self-propelled high-velocity missile (SP HVM) system

The Starstreak SP HVM is mounted on a tracked Stormer vehicle. The system has eight rounds of Starstreak missiles ready to fire, with a further 12 missiles carried.

SP HVM is fitted with a roof-mounted air defence alerting device (ADAD). The ADAD's infrared scanner and processor provide target detection and prioritisation, and the system automatically slews the weapon sight on to the target.

Missile range: Minimum 1500m, maximum 5500m
Flight time: 8 seconds
Guidance: Semi-automatic, line of sight, beam riding
Time into action: SP - less than 10 seconds to 10 minutes. LML - 2 minutes. Single missile - less than 10 seconds
Ceiling: 1000m
Missile speed: Mach 3

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