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DRAGON RUNNER bomb disposal robot

DRAGON RUNNER is a lightweight, back-packable, multi-terrain robot capable of detecting a variety of devices without putting the operator in harm's way, which helps bomb disposal experts find and deactivate improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

It has been acquired as part of the Army's Urgent Operational Requirements and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Explosive Ordnance disposal (EOD) activity.

It is highly manoeuvrable, and when configured with a manipulator arm can dig around suspicious objects as well as pick them up and move them.

It also has the ability to place small charges to disrupt suspect devices, and further enhancements, including the incorporation of wire-cutters, have been implemented.

DRAGON RUNNER has the ability to send video footage back to the operator at a safe distance thereby enabling troops to assess a situation prior to moving forward or entering a structure, potentially safeguarding lives.

With twin tracks rather than wheels it has a cross-country capability well suited to life in Afghanistan.