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The Warthog is an all terrain protected mobility vehicle that gives protection against mine threats.

Warthog crossing the Helmand river in Afghanistan; Sgt Andy Reddy.Warthog is a relatively light but robust tracked vehicle. It consists of two cabs, with the front cab housing the driver and commander and armed with a heavy weapons turret, and the rear cab used for carrying infantry.

Warthog is a modified and better protected version of the Singapore Army's Bronco. It is equipped with an upgraded cooling and filtration system, Bowman BCIP 5 communications, mine blast protection and electronic counter measures.

Warthog replaced the Viking on operations, and while heavier than its predecessor it maintains the same superb cross-country performance while fielding more firepower.

The vehicle provides protected mobility for infantry troops and is also used in a mounted close combat role and in support for dismounted close combat scenarios.


Warthog has been designed to be easily moved by air, sea, rail, road and landing craft. When operating, it has the ability to cover some of the most demanding types of ground.

Warthog isn't just about mobility though - it's also about packing a punch and defeating the insurgents.


All Warthogs are equipped with a crew served weapons system. This provides them with a protected weapon station from which the commander will be able to quickly deliver fire on either the 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun or 0.5 Calibre Heavy Machine Gun.

The mount allows accurate, suppressive fire out to 1000m allowing for effective self defence or the provision of fire support when required.