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Heavy machine gun

The powerful L1A1 12.7mm (.50) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) is an updated version of the Browning M2 Fifty-cal - recognised as one of the finest heavy machine guns ever developed.

The HMG provides integral close-range support from a ground-mount tripod or fitted to a Land Rover using the Weapon Mount Installation Kit (WMIK) and a variety of sighting systems. The performance of the HMG has recently been enhanced with a new 'soft mount', to limit recoil and improve accuracy, and a quick-change barrel.

The HMG provides the commander with added capability at greater ranges (1500-2000m) when support from armoured vehicles is not available.

Calibre 12.7mm
Weight 38.15kg (gun only)
Length 1656mm
Barrel length 629mm
Muzzle velocity 915m/s
Feed 50-round disintegrated belt
Effective range 2000m
Cyclic rate of fire 485 - 635 rounds per minute
Manufacturer Manroy Engineering (UK)