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Artillery and air defence

Starstreak high velocity missile

The Starstreak High Velocity Missile counters threats from high performance, low-flying aircraft and fast 'pop up' strikes by helicopter attacks.

GMLRS rocket launcher

The Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System, nicknamed the '70km Sniper', provides pinpoint accuracy delivering a 200lb high explosive warhead.


Rapier is a technologically advanced short range air defence system and is in service with the Royal Artillery

The versatile 105mm light gun is used by the parachute and commando field artillery regiments of the British Army.

The AS90 is used by three field regiments of the Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery.

Unmanned Air Systems

Unmanned Air Systems include the small and versatile Desert Hawk, which has been used successfully in Afghanistan. Pictured left is the Army's newest UAS, Watchkeeper.


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