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Defence Connect

Defence Connect


Defence Connect (DC) is an application hosted through the Defence Gateway (DGW). DC provides an Enterprise Social Network and is used as an Internal Communications channel by the Army. It is increasingly used by "disconnected users"; such as Reservists, soldiers and officers without MODNET access and those working off base. It will become increasingly important as more staff register. Importantly, it is significantly more secure than external commercial systems and social media.

Currently, DGW (including DC) is limited to OFFICIAL and should not be used for sensitive information.

Below areĀ a series of short videos that guide users through the process of registration for DC. Further down this page you will also find a detailed video for how to launch an effective DC community, and a range of "success stories"; on how DC has benefited users and Units, or has been used to access or contribute knowledge through networks or collaborative events.

'We may be separated ... but the Army is still a connected community'

Step 1- Getting in

These videos help you get into Defence Gateway / Defence Connect initially. Once you've seen these you will be able to access other videos through Defence Connect itself as well.

Navigating around the Web Interface

Step 2 - Tailoring your experience

These videos help you to adjust your experience and presence to get the information you want from Defence Connect.

How to use Search

Step 3 - Mobile access

These videos help you set up the application, called Jive Daily Hosted, which gives you a better user experience on a mobile device.

Set up on an iOS Device