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Corps Engagement Team

AAC Corps Engagement Team

CET Team Leader: Warrant Officer Class 2 Greg Leadsham

 Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) Greg Leadsham joined the Army Air Corps (AAC) in 2000 receiving the Best Recruit award on completion of Phase 1 training. His extensive Groundcrew career has seen him serve on operational tours and complete numerous military command and leadership courses, achieving promotion from Lance Corporal in 2003 to Staff Sergeant in 2012. As the Acting Flight Sergeant Major to 7 Flight AAC in Brunei, 2015, where he supported jungle training, Mr Leadsham was promoted to WO2. Whilst in Brunei he played rugby for the Flying Kukris against Brunei and other smaller teams across South East Asia. He has managed as well as played for the Regimental rugby team. In his own time he enjoys watching and playing rugby and spending time with his family.

AAC Corps Engagement

CET Second In Command: Corporal Paul Lockett 

Corporal (Cpl) Paul Lockett joined the Army Air Corps (AAC) in 2006 and received the Soldiers’ Soldier award on completion of Phase 1 training.  As well as operational tours, he has served on attachment to 2 SCOTS during pre-deployment training. He was promoted to Corporal in 2011 and worked as a Phase 2 instructor at the Defence School of Transport (DST) Leconfield after which he was posted to Canada to work with 29 Flight AAC. Cpl Lockett has represented the Regiment in cross-country, football and rugby. He enjoys playing and watching football, visiting the gym and socialising.

AAC Corps Engagement

CET Lance Corporal: Lance Corporal Gary Finch 

Lance Corporal (LCpl) Gary Finch joined the Army Air Corps (AAC) in 2008. As well as serving on operational tours, highlights of his Groundcrew career have seen him assume responsibility for the movement and refuelling of all aircraft at 9 Regt AAC; work in the AAC’s Queen’s Guard attachment, carrying out ceremonial duties at e.g. Buckingham Palace, deploy on training exercises aboard HMS Illustrious and in Kenya,  as well as a posting to Belize in support of jungle operations. LCpl Finch enjoys riding his motorcycle, watching Moto GP, playing basketball and spending time with his family.

CET Members: Airtrooper (Airtpr) Jamie Lingard, Airtpr Tom Cottrell, Airtpr Kelly Buck

All have completed the Groundcrew Common Syllabus Course enabling them to specialise in the roles of Army Air Corps Groundcrew.  Since joining the AAC they have also obtained their Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) and Hazard Materials (HAZMAT) licenses at the Defence School of Transport in Leconfield.

AAC Corps Engagement Team

Airtpr Lingard, joined the AAC in 2007 and has completed the Attack Helicopter Advanced course which qualifies him as a gunman, responsible for the loading and unloading of the Apache’s 30mm cannon. He has served on operations aboard HMS Ocean. He is one of the founding members of the AAC’s Corps of Drums and has further completed the Infantry Machine gun cadre. As well as playing and watching rugby, Airtpr Lingard competes on behalf of the AAC in wakeboarding competitions.

AAC Corps Engagement Team

Airtpr Cottrell joined the AAC in 2010 via the Army Foundation College Harrogate. His postings have included Canada and Northern Ireland. In 2012 he was deployed on Op OLYMPIC, the Army’s support for the 2012 Olympic Games. In his own time he enjoys walking his dogs and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

AAC Corps Engagement Team

Airtpr Buckjoined the AAC in 2011 since which time her postings have included Northern Ireland and Canada as well as adventurous training exercises in Gibraltar and Portugal. She also enjoys football, cycling and skiing.

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