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672 Squadron Army Air Corps


672 Squadron Army Air Corps was located at Dishforth, North Yorkshire where it came under the command of 9 Regiment AAC. However, 9 Regiment was formally disbanded in 2016 and officially removed from the Army ORBAT on 31 Jul 16. The Squadrons have been re-roled with the Wildcat Helicopter programme. 672 Sqn's motto was 'Minax et Clemens' or 'Wrathful and merciful'.
672 Sqn AAC badge

Squadron History

672 Squadron Royal Air Force (RAF) formed up in Bikram, India, on 16 November 1944 along with five other squadrons designated for airborne assaults in South East Asia. Each squadron was to have an establishment of 80 Hadrian gliders and ten light aircraft, manned by personnel from the RAF and Glider Pilot Regiment. The squadron was not required due to the surrender of Japan on 2 September 1945 and disbanded on 1 July 1946.

672 Squadron Royal Air Force bases and airfield during the Second World War

16 November 1944 - 26 February 1945: Bikram, Bihar, British India
26 February 1945 - 30 April 1945: Belgaum, Karnataka, British India
30 April 1945 - August 1945: Bikram, Bihar, British India
August 1945 - 19 November 1945: Kargi Road, Chhattisgarh, British India
19 November 1945 - 1 April 1946: Fatehjang, Punjab, British India
1 April 1946 - 1 July 1946: Chaklala, Punjab, British India

The Squadron was reformed on 1 January 1990 as 672 Squadron Army Air Corps - the first Lynx Light Battlefield Helicopter Squadron, initially equipped  with the Lynx Mk7. The Squadron was suspended in December 1993 but was reformed again in September 2001, as a fielding Squadron, in order to develop groundcrew procedures prior to the introduction of the Apache Battlefield Helicopter. 672 Squadron Army Air Corps converted to the Lynx Light Utility Helicopter role, equipped with the Lynx Mk9, in June 2004.

Squadron Badge

Squadron motto - 'Minax et Clemens' or 'Wrathful and merciful'.
Squadron badge heraldry: a representation of the Hindu goddess Shiva.

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