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Medical requirements

In addition to the Regular Army medical requirements applicants for Army Air Corps pilot training have to meet further criteria in order to be considered.

The further criteria are as follows:

  • Eyesight

    Visual acuity without spectacles: 6/12
    Visual acuity with spectacles: 6/6
    Lens power: -0.75 to +1.75 dioptres
    Astigmatism: Max of 0.75 dioptres
    Colour perception: Ishihara test pass

  • Laser eye surgery is acceptable if done by PRK, LASEK or LASIK, and the pre-surgery refraction did not exceed -5.00 to +2.00 dioptres.

  • Weight

    Minimum: 60.4kg (9st 5lbs)
    Maximum: 96.7kg (15st 3lbs)

  • Height

    Minimum: 163cm (5'4")
    Maximum: 193cm (6'4")

In some circumstances, for applicants near these limits, a cockpit check will determine their suitability for training.

A definite history of migraine, asthma, alcohol or drug abuse and hay fever, unless free from the hay fever symptoms without medication for the previous four years, is normally a bar to pilot training.

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