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Selection process

The selection process to attend the Army Pilots Course is exactly the same for both Officers and Soldiers.

The selection process is divided into two distinct phases:

Phase 1: Flying Aptitude Testing at the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre RAFC Cranwell. Candidates complete a Medical Board to assess their fitness for aircrew duties. They will also undertake a series of tests confirming eye/hand/feet co-ordination and the ability to read instruments accurately. Successful candidates will be allocated a place on the Flying Grading course at the earliest convenient date.

Phase 2: Flying Grading. This is a three to four week practical assessment, held at Middle Wallop, which involves flying the Grob Tutor light fixed wing aircraft. Successful candidates will subsequently be interviewed by the Pilot Selection Board at Headquarters Army Air Corps. Civilians will progress to officer training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (RMAS).

Applicants who fail Flying Grading may not reapply for pilot selection.