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Officer Pilot

Officer role with a difference

The role of Army Air Corps (AAC) officer combines leadership and flying skills with the fastest moving Corps in the Army. The AAC uses its fleet of helicopters to provide ground units with support, wherever and whenever they need it. From bringing in supplies to providing surveillance and destroying enemy positions, the Corps is one of the Army's most flexible and potent weapons.

As an officer and pilot you will have a unique dual role. You will use your leadership skills to get the best out of your team, and you will also fly one of the Army's combat helicopters. It is a job that is continually challenging and offers unbeatable rewards in return.


The five stages to gaining your pilot's wings

  • Stage 1 - Pilot Selection. If you are chosen to attend aircrew selection you will need to pass specific tests that are designed to test your aptitude and medical suitability for pilot training.

  • Stage 2 - Familiarisation. After you have passed the aptitude and medical tests you are invited to the AAC, based at Middle Wallop in Hampshire. Here you will learn more about the Corps and may be able to fly in a helicopter. You will also attend a brief interview.

  • Stage 3 - Flying Grading. The flying grading course assesses your potential to become a military pilot. It consists of 13 hours flying a fixed-wing aircraft with an instructor.

  • Stage 4 - Officer Training. You must complete officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS). The course lasts for 44 weeks and teaches you a wide range of skills that will develop your leadership ability and showing you how to apply it in a military context. At week 28 you will attend the Regimental Selection Board to compete for a commission into the AAC.

  • Stage 5 - Flying Training. After completing officer training you will complete the five phase Army Pilots Course. This consists of the following: Elementary Flying Training, Basic Rotary Wing Training, Advanced Rotary Wing Training, an Operational Training Phase and Conversion to Type Training.