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Corps Guidon

A Guidon is a heraldic banner carried by cavalry regiments, the equivalent of the colours borne by regiments of line infantry. Until about a century ago guidons and colours were taken into battle as the distinguishing symbols and rallying points for fighting units.

The word Guidon derives from the Italian guidone meaning guide or marker and the Middle French corruption guyd-hommes, hence it is the focus for soldiers in battle. There developed for this precious symbol of unity a reverence for its own sake, endorsed by the religious practice of blessing a banner before it was carried into battle. That the Roman legions fought fiercely to protect their eagle standards and suffered disgrace for their loss illustrates just how highly prized such things became. For a very long time soldiers have given high regard to these talismans of corporate identity and so it is today.

Traditionally, the carrying of a Guidon or Colour remained the exclusive privilege of those who fought face to face with the enemy, namely, the Cavalry and the Infantry. In recognition of its role on the modern battlefield , Her Majesty The Queen has been graciously pleased to authorise the grant of a Guidon to The Army Air Corps and the emblazoning of Honours upon it.

The Guidon bears the Corps Badge as the main device, with the AAC monogram placed in two of the four corners. The remaining corners show, top left , the badge of the Glider Pilot Regiment and lower right, that of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, to commemorate the founding constituents of the modern Corps. Emblazoned on the Guidon are the Battle and Theatre Honours awarded to the Army Air Corps:

Normandy Landing
Pegasus Bridge
Merville Battery
Arnhem 1944
Southern France
North West Europe 1944-1945
Landing in Sicily
Sicily 1943
Falkland Islands 1982
Wadi Al Batin
Gulf 1991
Al Basra
Iraq 2003

Army Air Corps Guidon