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Regimental Office

The Regimental Office is keen to keep in contact with all veterans, paid up or otherwise, so that information can be received and passed on. Those who are not members may wish to pass their details, postal address, telephone number or preferably their e-mail address to the Regimental Office. There are frequent requests from serving personnel and veterans regarding the whereabouts of long lost colleagues and companions. Should the office have details of the individual in question they will take the contact details of the requester and pass the information on in an appropriate manner.

Individuals who are not members may wish to consider joining the Veterans' Association and thereby receive information directly from the Army Air Corps Journal, Hawkeye or via the monthly e-news sheet 'Hawk About'.

Introduction of the updated Army Air Corps Veterans' Association Application Form - 28 October 2013

The updated version of the Army Air Corps Veterans' Association application form can be obtained from the AAC Veterans' Association page via the navigation menu on the left. Once on the AAC Veterans' Association page the form is the only document listed under the Downloads panel. A hard copy of the new form will be available from RHQ AAC by the end of November 2013 however the previous issue forms are still valid. For further information please contact the Welfare Assistant at AACHQ-RHQ-Welfare-D@mod.uk


 Contact details:

AACA Secretary
Regimental Office
Middle Wallop
SO20 8DY

Tel: 01264 784514
e-mail: AACHQ-RHQ-AsstRegtSec@mod.uk