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Join Us

The minimum commitment we ask of our reserve soldiers is 28 days’ training a year. This consists of a two-week exercise, once per year, with the rest of the training taking place on weekends through the year and drill nights on a Tuesday evening. You’ll be paid to attend training and will also be eligible for travel and some other expenses.

Can I Join?

We are recruiting now and are looking for men and women aged from 18 to 50 who are enthusiastic, active and willing to learn. You don't need any previous experience or skills, we will provide all the training necessary. And if you're worried about your fitness, come along and find out if you make the grade. Our physical training instructors will tell you how to get to the standards required.

The application process includes an interview, medical and an assessment weekend. After that you'll start basic training.

If you're interested, or want to know more about any aspect of reserve service, get in touch with any one of our team on the contact us page.

101 Regt Officer

Officer Material?

Ready for a challenge?

Our reserve officers train at the world-renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where they gain valuable, nationally recognised, leadership and management qualifications.

You would go on to command soldiers in barracks and in the field.

Financial incentives are also available for those who become officers.

Previous Service?

If you have previous service, whether regular, TA or OTC, you may not have to complete all the basic training. There are financial incentives available for ex-regulars who join 101 Regiment. Speak to one of our recruiting staff to find out more.

Other Roles

We have roles for medics, chefs and administrators in the reserves. There is no need for any previous experience in these fields, but if you do have professional skills already then let us know. Training can be delivered from the very basics or to further develop you professionally.
chef 101

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