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About Us

There is no need for previous experience or particular skills or qualifications, just a willingness to learn. The British Army delivers some of the best training in the world, and much of the training you'll receive is recognised by civilian training organisations and employers.


As a trained precision fire soldier you'll be able to participate in training in the UK and abroad. With Otterburn ranges in Northumberland just up the road there are frequent exercises to live fire the launchers. We also train alongside regular Artillery units and send soldiers to live fire with the US National Guard in the USA.


You will be taught basic soldiering skills, from map reading and fieldcraft to weapon handling. Basic training, takes place on drill evenings in Army Reserve Centres, at weekends and over 2 week blocks at Army training establishments. When you complete your Basic training you will choose a role.

You will be given high quality training. You will operate equipment and work as a team, you will develop physically and mentally, so you can work alongside the regular army



The minimum commitment we ask of our reserve soldiers is 28 days’ training a year.

This consists of a two-week exercise, once per year, with the rest of the training taking place on weekends through the year and drill nights on a Tuesday evening.

You’ll be paid to attend training and will also be eligible for travel and some other expenses. Many reserve soldiers find they want to do much more than the minimum and there are plenty of opportunities.

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