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The Scottish and Ulster Gunners

Advanced Systems

Advanced Systems

The Scottish and Ulster Gunners are a Field Artillery Unit. Using the 105mm L118 Light Gun – also used by the Parachute and Commando Field Artillery Regiments.

The Light Gun can be towed by a medium-weight vehicle or carried around the battlefield underslung by a Puma or Chinook helicopter.

Royal Artillery L118 Light Guns are fitted with an Automatic Pointing System (APS), which enables the gun to be unlimbered and in action in 30 seconds. APS is based on an inertial navigation system.


105 Regiment Our Role

105 Regiment roles

Fire Support Teams (FSTs)

Our light role regiment is organised into Fire Support Teams (FSTs) to find the enemy and our gun batteries provide the firepower for the strike. Our dismounted FSTs find the enemy on the battlefield using lightweight lasers, MSTAR radars, thermal imaging and night vision equipment. Once the enemy location is identified, the FST coordinates guns, mortars, attack helicopters and fast jets to deliver a devastating strike.

Command Post

The Command post is the “brains” of the unit. Taking information from the FST’s and calculating the gun data using an advanced Firing Computer, in order for the guns to strike the target with pinpoint accuracy.

Guns - Our three gun batteries equipped with Light Guns are highly mobile, accurate and pack a lethal punch. The 6 man Gun Detachments are the work horses of the unit, working as close knit teams to deliver fire in all weather conditions, day or night.

Logistics - Logistics soldiers form the backbone of the Royal Artillery. Without drivers, chefs and logistics specialists resupplying the Batteries with ammunition, food, water etc we simply could not function.

Ceremonial Duties

105 Regiment has the honour of firing 16 Royal Salutes at castles in Edinburgh, Stirling, and Hillsborough in Northern Ireland.

Adventure Training

We participate in all manner of sporting activities including Parachuting, Sailing, Orienteering, Diving, Rock Climbing, Hill Walking, Mountain Biking and skiing.

Our Locations

206 Battery in Newtonards and Coleraine,

207 Battery in Glasgow and Edinburgh;
212 Battery in Arbroath, Kirkcaldy and Shetland.

105 Regiment Batteries

206 (Ulster) Battery

The battery has an important ceremonial role. Responsibility for firing all Royal Salutes in Northern Ireland, events which take place at Hillsborough Castle simultaneously with the Saluting Stations in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff to mark Royal occasions 6 times each year.

If you are fit and have what it takes to contact us -

Army Reserve Centre, Crawfordsburn Road. Newtownards BT23 4EA

Telephone: 02892 260404 or 02892 260402




207 (City of Glasgow) Battery

There was a Special Order of the Day in 1986 by the GOC Scotland Lt Gen Sir Norman Arthur which made 105 (Scottish) Air Defence Regiment (V) responsible for all Royal Salutes in Scotland.
Incidentally this was marked by a major Salute in July 1986, for the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. 207 Bty carries the honour of being responsible for the Royal Salutes at Edinburgh Castle.

Located - Army Reserve Centre, 369 Crow Road, Glasgow G11 7DG

207 Battery

212 (Highland) Battery

In 1947 the TA was reconstructed and 276 Field Regiment was formed from two wartime Regiments.

In 1986 the battery joined 105th (Scottish) Air Defence Regiment, RA(V), which in 1993 re-roled to 105th Regiment RA(V) “The Scottish and Ulster Gunners”. The battery is currently equipped with the L118 Light Gun and operates in the Close Support Role.

Located - Army Reserve Centre, Montrose Road, Arbroath DD11 5JS

212 Battery

105 Regiment RA

105 Regt Contact Details

Telephone: 0131 3105420

Email: 105ra-rhq-roso@mod.uk

Mobile 07919303820

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