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101 Regiment RA

The Army's only Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Regiment. 101 Regiment, "The Geordie and West Riding Gunners" are the Royal Artillery's Army Reserve unit in the North East of England.

The Regimental headquarters is in Gateshead and we have four sub-units, known as batteries, based in Blyth, Kingston Park, South Shields and Leeds.

GMLRS - YouTube video

 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) packs a mighty punch in combat

Operator 101 Regt

Detachment Commander


Hidden deep in a wood, the silence is broken by the radio crackling into life with a call for fire. As the detachment commander takes down the message, the rest of the three man crew take off the camouflage net and prepare to move. Back inside the launcher the driver fires up the 500bhp engine and the 25 ton MLRS lurches forward. Out of the wood they quickly cover the ground to the firing point, travelling cross-country at up to 40mph. Closing the hatches and entering the firing data onto the on-board computer they report ready to fire within a few minutes of the initial call.

What may surprise you is that every member of the crew, as well as the operators in the command and communication centres, the drivers of the ammunition vehicles and even the commander of the whole mission are reservists. They have normal jobs during the week but come together on weekends and annual exercises to deliver the Army's longest range and most devastating firepower.

101 Regt MLRS in action

101 Regiment Role

Your Role

The MLRS is the British Army's main 'precision fire'  system, able to engage targets at long ranges with extreme precision.

Each battery has its own reconnaissance and command sections which control the MLRS movement and firing, as well as the delivery of ammunition.

The 3-man MLRS detachment will often be operating and moving independently, as will the other elements of the battery, such as the 2-man ammunition truck crews.

This needs a certain quality of individual, as well as good training and good communications.

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