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The Hampshire & Sussex Gunners

47th Regiment Royal Artillery comes under the command of Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) and is the British Army’s only specialist Watchkeeper Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) Regiment.

47 Regiment photo gallery

47 Regiment RA - Watchkeeper

The future of intelligent Surveillance

Watchkeeper is a high-performance UAS.  Built to operate in extreme and challenging environments, it is an integrated Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) system, designed to collect, exploit and distribute vital information, accurately and efficiently. 

Watchkeeper has an operating altitude of up to 16,000ft, flight duration of up to 16 hours, a 95kts top speed and an operating range of up to 150km.

Watchkeeper carries the very latest optical and radar systems. Payload configurations include HD electro/optical, infrared and laser capabilities, to allow observation, recognition and transmission – and precision location accuracy at any time of day or night, and in extreme weather conditions. 
The Radar performs both Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in strip-map and spotlight modes, and supports high quality ground mapping. The Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) can detect and track moving targets.

47th Regiment RA has successfully deployed Watchkeeper in Afghanistan and continues its development with live flying in the south of England, Wales and the Ascension Islands.

47 Regiment's Batteries

31 (HQ) Battery

The Battery was formed on the 1st March 1755 in Woolwich.  Involved with campaigns in Gheria, The Battle of Waterloo, Egypt, the Boer War, and more recently Malta and Iraq.

31 (HQ) Battery provides the command, logistic and training support to the Watchkeeper UAS Regiment under the new command structure of the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC). The Battery continues to represent the Regiment, Royal Artillery and Army in various sports and adventurous training in both the UK and overseas.

31 Battery

10 (Assaye) Battery

10 Battery was formed in 1755 as the 3rd Company Bombay Artillery. The battery, was equipped with cannons pulled by elephants. 10 Battery’s honour title was awarded in recognition of its contribution in 1803 at Assaye.

On 15th Sep 1914 Bombardier Horlock, for his conspicuous gallantry was awarded the Victoria Cross. Later to become BSM 10 (ASSAYE) Battery.

In November 2014 the battery had the honour being the last IUAS Battery to deploy to Afghanistan.  In 2016 we re-rolled to the Watchkeeper UAS.

10 Battery

43 Battery (Lloyds Company)

Raised on the 1st of February 1808, commanded by Captain William J Lloyd (where the battery gets it's name).  

In 1815, the battery deployed to Waterloo, at the front line, the battle began at 11:00 am and lasted all day.

We are very busy as the primary Watchkeeper UAS Battery. Previously working from Boscome Down, now based in the Ascension Island Base, this excellent flying environment has seen the battery deliver consistent flying in support of pilot training for the Royal School of Artillery.



43 Battery

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