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The Invicta Gunners

We are an Air Defence Regiment which operates the Army's only short range, highly sophisticated Rapier Field Standard C surface to air missile system.

It is a 24 hour, all weather guided missile system with the primary role of providing Air Defence protection against fast jets, helicopters, Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), and cruise missiles.

Air Defence Regiment

Air Defence

Rapier can fly missiles at three times the speed of sound and engage two targets simultaneously. Rapier FSC Field Standard C (FSC) is compact, mobile and transportable by trailer or under slung below helicopters and inside transportation aircraft. The system is extremely versatile, suitable for worldwide operations and capable of operating in arctic and desert environments.

Battlespace Management

In Afghanistan men and women of the Regiment are deployed in small teams operating battlespace management systems. Long range communication provides coordination for close air support aircraft and helicopters.

Base Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance

The Regiment has assisted a sister Artillery Regiment in providing soldiers to 5th Regiment Royal Artillery in its capability. Here they provide an intimate FIND function to the individual bases in Helmand province.

16 Regiment Batteries

11 (Sphinx) Battery

The battery went to Egypt in 1801 as part of the Indian contingent in the campaign against Napoleon. Because of this the battery can bear ‘Egypt’ and the Sphinx on its appointments. This award is now commemorated in the honour title ‘Sphinx’.

The battery were selected to be the first to be equipped with tracked rapier and in November 1984, the battery went on operational tour of the Falkland Islands until March 1985.
11 Battery

32 (Minden) Battery

Capt. W. Phillips Company was officially formed on May 1756 as a Company of Miners.

The Company was given their battle honour in 1759 after the battle of Minden.

During 2012-2013 the battery served in Afghanistan working with Base Protection and surveillance equipment and AS&W.

The battery completed Air Defence training for the Falklands and their tour started in summer 2012 and will finish spring 2013.

32 (Minden) Battery

30 Battery (Roger's Company)

In early 2012, the battery finished it’s operational tour in Afghanistan. It then began preparing to deploy to the Falklands to undertake the commitment of the resident rapier battery. A pre-requisite for deployment is to conduct the Standards Evaluation (STANEVAL) process; which included assessments of competency for the Rapier detachments and the Command Post personnel.
30 Battery (Roger's Company)

14 (Cole's Kop) Battery

14 (Cole’s Kop) Battery was originally formed as a company of the Royal Irish Artillery in 1755.

On 16th August 1928 the battery was granted the honour title ‘Cole’s Kop’ after its action at Cole’s Kop during the 2nd Boer War, where on 11th January 1900 they hauled two 15-pounder guns to the top of Cole’s Kop.
14 (Cole's Kop) Battery

20 Headquarters Battery

Originates from the formation of 7 (Johnstone's) Company, under Captain William Johnstone.
The colonies of East and West Florida were ceded to Great Britain at the end of the Seven Years' War. The defences of these colonies, had been seriously neglected under Spanish rule. 

Captain Johnstone became heavily involved in the planning and construction of the batteries and fortifications around Pensacola during his time there
20 Headquarters Battery

49 (Inkerman) Battery

The battery was then put into suspended animation from 1819-1848.

The Company was then reformed in 1848, soon transferring to 11th Battalion as Number 4 Company, spending five years as a Garrison Artillery Unit in Woolwich.

49 (Inkerman) Battery

16 Regiment firing Rapier You Tube video

British Army soldiers as young as 18 are using one of the Army's most sophisticated missile systems to target unmanned aircraft off the Outer Hebrides.

16 Regiment Royal Artillery are on the islands to train and hone their skills in readiness for their deployment to the Falklands later this year. Rapier provides the Army with a surface to air capability designed to disable incoming missile attack and enemy air strikes.

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