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The Scottish Gunners

19 Regiment RA are at the forefront of modern warfare and are responsible for 'shock and awe' on the battle field. We are a combat arm and work closely with tanks, infantry, attack helicopters and fast jets.

19 Regiment Role and Structure

AS90 - YouTube video

The AS-90 was first deployed by the British Army in 1993, which replaced the 105 mm FV433 Abbot SPG, the M109 155 mm Self Propelled Gun and the FH-70 155 mm towed gun.

The AS-90 is used by three regiments of the Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery (1 RHA, 19 Regt RA and 26 Regt RA).

Role and Structure

The Regiment provides offensive joint fire support to 12 Mechanized Brigade, co-ordinating mortars, artillery, guided missiles, close air support and attack helicopter fires.

The Regiment consists of three equipment batteries, two of which are AS90 with the third converting from light gun in 2014.

It also has a total of five tactical groups and will soon gain a precision fires battery from 39 Regiment Royal Artillery equipped with MLRS.

We recruit from the Highlands, Grampian, Tayside, Fife, Central and Argyll.

19 Regiment Location

19 Regiment Location

19 Regiment

Bhurtpore Barracks, Tidworth Hants SP9 7AS

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19 Regiment History


19th Regiment Royal Artillery (The Scottish Gunners) were formed in 1900 as 17 Brigade Royal Field Artillery and were renumbered 19th Regiment in 1947. However, the individual batteries were formed in the 1700s.

It has been extensively involved on operations since the First World War, including World War Two in mainland Europe (where 28 Battery was the first to fire), Tunisia and Italy. Since then the Regiment has served in; Korea, Hong Kong, Aden, Bosnia, Cyprus, Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Regiment served in Afghanistan in 2012, this deployment marked 10 years of involvement on operations in Afghanistan.

On 12 December 2012 the Regiment changed its name from The Highland Gunners to become The Scottish Gunners. In doing so, the Regiment assumed the heritage of 40th Regiment Royal Artillery (The Lowland Gunners) which was disbanded under recent restructuring. 38 Battery was subordinated from 40th Regiment to 19th Regiment bringing with it the Lowland Gunner Heritage.

19 Regiment Welfare Team

19 RA Welfare Team

Major Taff Evans heads up the regimental welfare team, which is split between Larkhill and Tidworth. If you are a serving soldier, family member or spouse, the team will be the main point of contact for welfare related issues.

Contact information:

Email: welfare19@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/19regtra
Twitter: www.twitter.com/19regtra

5 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Battery

5 (Gib 1779-83) Battery

5 Battery was formed in 1749, and is the tenth most senior battery, and the senior battery in The Scottish Gunners.

The battery holds the double distinction of the honour title ‘Gibraltar 1779-1783’, granted belatedly in 1934, and the Croix de Guerre, awarded following the actions on the 27th May 1918 in support of the French south of the River Aisne. All members of the battery wear the ribbon of the Croix de Guerre.

28/143 Battery (Tombs's Troop)

28/143 Battery

The battery boasts a rich history, with Major Tombs and Lieutenant Hills winning the Victoria Cross on 9 July 1857 at the Siege of Delhi, Lieutenant Proudlock winning a Military Cross in Aden on 18 March 1965 and Bombardier Frew winning a Military Cross in Afghanistan in 2007.
28 Battery’s guns were the first to fire in the Second World War on 6 May 1940.

38 (Seringapatam) Battery

The first recorded action of the battery was in the Mysore War of 1799 in Southern India.

During the Battle of Seringapatam the battery battered the defences of the besieged and heavily fortified island settlement. They were championed as courageous, highly professional. 
The honour title of ‘Seringapatam’ was awarded and the symbol of the Bengal Tiger came to represent the ferocious ethos of the battery.

127 (Dragon) Battery

127 (Dragon) Battery

In 1841 the battery was part of a force sent to quell the mutinous Chinese; At Chin-Kiang-Fu, artillery joined infantry and stormed the walls of the city and fought the position until all resistance was silenced.
The governor of India published an order of the day entitling the batteries of the Madras Artillery to wear the insignia of a dragon, an imperial crown and the word China on their appointments.

52 (Niagara) Battery

52 (Niagara) Battery

The company deployed to Canada in 1790 they distinguished themselves particularly on two occasions: the capture of Fort Niagara and the fierce engagement of Lundy’s Lane.
Fort Niagara was a turning point in a victorious campaign resulting in the company being granted the honour ‘Niagara’ The battery cipher depicts the Strong House, which was the main building and area of stiffest resistance within Fort Niagara.
52 Battery

13 (Martinique 1809) Headquarters Battery

13 (Martinique 1809) Bty

The battery was raised in Dublin in May 1775, as 1st Company, 7th Battalion, Royal Irish Artillery and became Captain Lindsay’s Company, 7th Battalion, Royal Artillery after the act of Union in 1801. On 29th July 1934 the War Office gave approval of the inclusion of “Martinique 1809” in the battery's title in recognition of its distinguished conduct during the capture of Fort Desaix, Island of Martinique on 25 Feb 1809.
13 Battery

Regimental Pipes and Drums

The Scottish Gunners has its own Pipes and Drums, a tradition that dates back to the granting of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland as a primary recruiting area some 50 years ago.

The Regiment is one of only 15 units in the Army to have its own pipes and drums and they are internationally renowned. In recent years the Pipes and Drums have played at events across the globe.

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