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1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (RHA)

The South Yorks & Midland Gunners

1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery was formed on 1st May 1938, although the individual batteries had existed for some 145 years beforehand. It has been extensively involved in the North African Desert Campaign, Aden, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Structure of 1 RHA

The Regiment consists of 3 AS90 Gun Batteries, 1 MLRS Battery, a TAC Battery an HQ Battery and an Exactor Troop.

The Regiment’s job is to provide offensive fire support to the infantry and it does this by embedding Fire Support Teams (FSTs) with the infantry companies or armoured squadrons, who then request the appropriate firepower. This firepower is not just restricted to AS90 (155mm) or Light Gun (105mm) but mortars, close air support, guided missiles and attack helicopters.

Each gun battery has 4 FSTs, mans 6 Guns or 3 launchers and the TAC Battery consists of 6 FSTs.

AS90 the firepower behind 1 RHA

AS90 - YouTube video

The AS-90 was first deployed by the British Army in 1993, which replaced the 105 mm FV433 Abbot SPG, the M109 155 mm Self Propelled Gun and the FH-70 155 mm towed gun.

The AS-90 is used by three regiments of the Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery (1 RHA, 19 Regt RA and 26 Regt RA).

I RHA Batteries

The Chestnut Troop

Lord Wellington asked as to the whereabouts of, “The Chestnut Troop” during the Battle of Waterloo. 

This unofficial title stuck until Edward VII sanctioned A Battery (The Chestnut Troop) Royal Horse Artillery. As the senior battery within the whole of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, it takes position at the right of the line when on parade.

Chesnut Troop

B Battery

The battery does not have an official battle honour, but the title 'The Dragon Troop' is used after the battery was given the military order of the Dragon during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.

Each gun sub has a different Chinese Dragon painted on the shield of his gun.

B Battery

E Battery

On the 22 August 1914 at 0930 E Battery fired the first artillery rounds of the First World War at Bray, and subsequently fought in virtually all the battles on the Western Front.

World War Two saw E Battery engaged early on in Europe before then seeing action in every battle in the Western Desert and Italy until 1945.

More recently, E Battery have deployed on 3 Balkan tours in the late 1990s and in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

E Battery

H Battery (Ramsay's Troop)

As of 2015, it is based at Albemarle Barracks, Northumberland, England and is equipped with GMLRS.

Formed in 1804, the battery has taken part in the Napoleonic Wars (notably the Battle of Waterloo where it earned its Honour Title as Ramsay's Troop), and the First and Second World Wars.

Since the Second World War, it has seen a wide variety of service as towed and self-propelled artillery, a training and a headquarters unit, and latterly as a precision fire battery.

H Battery

L (Nery) Battery

As 1st Troop, of the Bengal Horse Artillery, the Troop was used as quick-fire support to the armies of the East India Company.

The Troop was later to become 'L' Battery. Based in Agra, India until the outbreak of the Nepal War in 1814, the battery saw action during the siege of the great fortress of Bhurtpore, and open warfare in both Sikh Wars.

Nery Battery

O HQ Battery

In 1813 two new Troops of Artillery were formed armed with the new rockets, which General Congreve had been developing, testing and advocating for some years previously.

The 1st Rocket Troop was disbanded in 1816 but the 2nd Rocket Troop absorbed its Commander and many of its men, so that O Battery can be said to inherit the whole of the British Rocket tradition.

O Battery

1 RHA location

Assaye Barracks

Bulford Road, Tidworth, Wiltshire SP9 7BA

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1 RHA Welfare

Regardless if ‘your soldier’ is away or in camp he will/can be your main point of contact for welfare related issues throughout the next 24 months for details on how to contact him go to 'read more'.

Please be assured that Jan and the team are here to support you 24/7 and no matter how small your concern/issue or enquiry is, it will be treated by us as a priority.

Telephone: 01980 847362 or 843215

Fax: 01980 843311



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