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Join as a Reserve

Joining the Army as a Reservist won’t put your job at risk.

There is a legal requirement to tell your employer, so make sure that you do. It’s also a good idea to do it in plenty of time. That way, if you need to take time off, you can give them plenty of warning and they can arrange to cover your absence.

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101 Regiment

101 Regiment RA is based in North East England with soldiers in Newcastle, Blyth, South Shields and Leeds. Each location trains with the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). This is a highly manoeuvrable, tracked and armoured vehicle capable of launching guided rockets out to a range of 70km.

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103 Regiment

The Regiment is based in the North West of England and has training centres in St Helens, Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool.

Recruiting is the highest priority after support to Operations, the Regimental Recruiting Team attend several key events throughout the year. Gunners from 103 take part in the Liverpool Military Show and the Southport Air Show two of the biggest military events in the North West.

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104 Regiment

The Reserves only Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) Regiment. The soldiers regularly deploy and operate Miniature Unmanned Air Systems (MUAS) Desert Hawk III in support of ground operations, soldiers have also deployed as radio operators, clerks, drivers and logisticians. The Regiment also has the honour to fire Royal Salutes in Cardiff to celebrate Royal birthdays and anniversaries.

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105 Regiment

The Scottish and Ulster Gunners are a Field Artillery Unit, using 105mm L118 Light Gun.

The gun can be towed by a medium-weight vehicle or carried around the battlefield under slung by a Puma or Chinook helicopter.

Royal Artillery L118 Light Guns are fitted with an Automatic Pointing System, which enables the gun to be unlimbered and in action in 30 seconds. APS is based on an inertial navigation system; operated via a touch screen.

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106 Regiment

The Regiment is equipped with the deadly High Velocity Missile (HVM) System and is the Army Reserve’s only specialist Close Air Defence regiment. HVM flies at twice the speed of sound, and we operate it in both the armoured (SP) Self Propelled role at 295 Battery and 457 Battery in Portsmouth and Southampton and also in the Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML) role at 265 Battery in SE London.

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