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Gunner Football

Royal Artillery Football Club (The Gunners) at Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre.

Aims & Objectives of RAFC


The aim of the Royal Artillery FC is to manage Gunner football in order to contribute to the delivery of the moral component of fighting power.


The objectives of the Club shall be to create a framework of inter unit competitions in order to encourage competitive Association Football across the Royal Artillery. To produce high quality representative (Corps) teams on behalf of the Royal Artillery (Men and Women). To encourage and develop RA Coaches and Officials.

Gunner Football contact details

If you want to play Gunner football please use relevant contact details below -

RAFC(M) Capt Nick Edwards nicholas.edwards456@mod.uk

RAFC(F) Capt Caitlin Lower 32RA-57BTY-OPSOFFR@mod.uk

Representative Football

RAFC Documentation

If you require a copy of the

RAFC Constitution
RAFC Handbook Ver 5
RAFC EOSR Template
Football Officers Guide
Competition Matrix

Please email jackie.walker836@gmail.com


Reporting: All selected Gunner players are to report to the Knighton Down Changing Rooms: 
            a. Men’s Representative Team – 1000 hrs on the Thursday before the Representative Fixture. 
            b. Women’s Representative Team – 1330 hrs on the Wednesday before the Representative fixture.

Travel Authority

The use of the Representational Sports Travel Vote is authorised, through the selected player’s Unit Identification Number (UIN), quoting Local Project Code (LPC) - ZZP 1E1 1403 and Resource Account Code - (INF) PDA002. This will ensure the costs are attributed to AG TLB.
For contract bookings eg a civilian flight or hire car, selected players are to use their unit UIN with Purpose of Travel (POT) Code 16 and INF PDA002. Unit travel budgets will not be charged.

Hire Cars

Selected Players will require transport from their parent unit to Larkhill to arrive no later than 0900 hrs the day before the representative fixture. Players are to use Hire Cars and/or shared transport whenever possible and will be released back to their parent unit on completion of the Representative fixture.

JPA Claims

In the JPA Expenses Menu when creating a ‘new expenses claim’ to reclaim MMA, selected players are to use Representative Sport in the ‘type of claim’ drop down menu on the first page and not other duty travel.


The Representative Squad will be accommodated at Larkhill throughout.


Training dress is RAFC tracksuit/training top. Post match the squad dress is RAFC polo shirt and trousers. Any selected player who does not have the appropriate dress is to contact their respect Representative Team Manager.


All selected players are to confirm their availability as soon as possible after notification. This should be confirmed by 2iCs / Unit Football Officers or BSMs to respective RAFC secretaries:

Contact Details RAFC(M)                                            Contact Details RAFC (W)
Capt N Edwards                                                            Capt C Lower
nicholas.edwards456@mod.uk                                     32RA-57BTY-OPSOFFR@mod.uk

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