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Officer Recruitment

Whether in camp, on exercise or operations, officers of the Household Cavalry are invested with the responsibility to command our soldiers with courage, humility and determination. Although our officers come from all walks of life they all share two things in common: the desire to lead their soldiers to the best of their ability and to be able to add something different to a diverse organisation. 

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What do we offer?

Your first job out of Sandhurst will be a troop leader as part of an armoured reconnaissance Squadron. You will have a troop of 11-24 soldiers to manage, command and develop.

The rewarding yet challenging job of managing a troop is the reason why many officers join. In the Household Cavalry your troop will be a motivated, intelligent and diverse set of soldiers who will reciprocate if led properly. 

Household Cavalry training

What will the first few years of my career look like?

After commissioning from Sandhurst you will spend the next four months in Dorset on your troop leader's training. Once complete you will go the Armoured Regiment and be part of one of the three 'Sabre Squadrons.' Your troop will be your first command, most of your soldiers would have been in the Army longer than you and would more than likely have been on operations but if you earn the respect and trust of your men the rewards are insurmountable.

While troop leading you can expect to go on exercise or operations with your troop, overseas adventure training trips as well as carrying out important regimental duties. It is a varied, exciting yet challenging start to your career but you will be supported throughout.

You can expect to be at HCR for at least 18 months, after which you may be sent to Knightsbridge to be a State Ceremonial Troop Leader. Alternatively, you may become a Squadron Second-in-Command responsible for managing the affairs of the Squadron or go to Bovington to train soldiers while others may become the Surveillance Troop Leader.

Further down the line, you may wish to try for the Special Forces, or for jobs within 16 Brigade or Commando units. The range of opportunities is unrivalled and it requires independent, intelligent and instinctive officers to bring the best out of themselves and their men.

Life in the Household Cavalry

When not on exercise, life in HCR balances the need to satisfy regimental commitments with enjoying a collective regimental spirit. There are a number of big regimental dinner nights each year, whether that be Burnaby night in March or Brickhanging during Christmas week.

These occasions bring all members of the regiment together to celebrate our heritage and provide a chance to make the most of regimental duty. 

Household Cavalry dinner night

Our Potential Officers

Irrespective of education, background or upbringing the Household Cavalry looks for quality Potential Officers who will lead our soldiers to the best of their ability.

Our usual policy is for candidates to express an interest in the Regiment either through the National Recruitment Centre or by contacting the Regiment through the details below. Once the Army Officer Selection Board Briefing has been passed we like to invite potential Officers to an interview at Horse Guards with our Regimental Adjutant.

On successful completion of Army Officer Selection Board Main Board interested candidates are eligible for a 36 hour Regimental visit, a short while before the intended intake date at Sandhurst.

This provides a great opportunity for you to see some of the officers and soldiers with whom you may serve during your Army career. Selection into the regiment is then conducted at the Regimental Selection Board towards the end of the second term at Sandhurst.

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