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Adventurous Training: Trooper Van Den Berg

Trooper Bath-Sheba Van Den Berg is one of many Royal Yeomanry soldiers to learn to sail a yacht as part of our Adventurous Training activities.

Trooper Bath—Sheba Van Den BergTrooper Bath-Sheba Van Den Berg


I was on the way back from my Army basic training course when an instructor mentioned that the regiment was offering the chance to crew a yacht that weekend. I’d grown up a long way from the sea but had always been interested in sailing and jumped at the chance.

Sailing that weekend was incredible. It was sunny, the water was not too rough and cruising around the Solent carried with it a real sense of being out in nature. At night, the crew took to the shore to enjoy a fine dinner at a local pub.

Since my first weekend of sailing with the Royal Yeomanry, I’ve moved to race sailing as well as sailing on two week expeditions in the Mediterranean. I’ve sailed in the Solent, across to the Channel Islands and France and around the Canary Islands.

I’ve completely embraced sailing and as a result I have gained a few key qualifications. I am now a practical RYA Day Skipper and can command a crew of up to six. I have also completed yacht master and ocean level theory. It’s just a matter of time before I’ve sailed enough nautical miles before I qualify for yacht master offshore which will enable me to lead expeditions anywhere in the world. I’ve been paid by the Army to do all these courses.

What do I hope to do in the future?


I have a real love of sailing and want to get even more of the other soldiers in my regiment to take part. My goal is to join the Army Arctic sailing expedition around the coasts of Greenland and Iceland.

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