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In order to conduct effective reconnaissance over large areas; highly mobile Armoured Fighting Vehicles are key to the Regiment’s capability. Our core vehicles are as follows:

Scimitar 2

The SCIMITAR is the tip of the sword to an Armoured Cavalry Regiment. Equipped with excellent communication and optical systems, this vehicle operates day and night in all conditions and terrain. Armed with a 30mm RARDEN cannon that fires both Armour Piercing and High Explosive rounds and the 7.62mm machine gun.
Scimitar 2

Panther Command Liaison Vehicle

The Panther CLV is the core communications and command vehicle for the Armoured Cavalry regiment. This is a 4WD vehicle with dynamic tyre pressure management system, run flat wheels, adjustable suspension and compartmentalised engine systems. It carries a 7.62mm general Purpose Machine Gun fitted in an Enforcer Remote Weapon Station which has an outstanding Electro Optical and Thermal sighting system. It is armoured against conventional and asymmetric threats such as improvised explosive devices.

The Future - Scout SV

The SCOUT Specialist Vehicle will make the British Army’s Armoured Cavalry regiments one of the best equipped anywhere. Equipped with a standalone, electro-fired, disintegrating 40mm HE or AP round, fired from a stabilized, EO / TI turret. The ‘listen and observe’ capacity will be unprecedented, allowing frontline reconnaissance soldiers to record multi-media, detect at great distances, and more importantly, relay to the Battlegroup commander to inform his decision cycle.
Scout SV

Dismounted equipment

Reconnaissance soldiers should be equally comfortable operating armoured vehicles or on foot. Below is some of the dismounted equipment routinely used by the Regiment.

Javelin - This is a medium range anti-tank guided weapon. Although designed primarily to destroy tanks and light armoured vehicles, Javelin also provides a potent, all-weather, day or night capability against fixed defences such as bunkers and buildings.

The integrated sight doubles up as a surveillance asset and allows the operator to acquire the target, lock on and fire the weapon in short order.

LASM - The Light Anti-Structures Missile (LASM) has been developed as a man portable weapon to take on fixed defences.

Mortar - The 60mm mortar is an indirect fire weapon employed at Squadron level, which is capable of providing accurate high explosive, smoke and illuminating rounds onto target areas.

Sniper - The recently introduced sniper rifle, part of the Sniper System Improvement Programme (SSIP), is a large-calibre weapon which includes telescopic day and night, all-weather sights, increasing the effective range of the weapon considerably.

Sharpshooter - The sharpshooter rifle has improved the long-range firepower available on the front line. The rifle fires a 7.62mm round and has an enhanced accuracy of engagement. This weapon is used by some of the best shots in the Army.

General Purpose Machine Gun - This highly versatile battle winning weapon can be carried mounted or dismounted and significantly increases the firepower of any unit it is employed with. It is mounted on the Regiment’s Scimitar vehicles.

LMG - Developed from the Minimi Light Machine Gun, the LMG is a belt-fed lightweight suppression weapon. It increases the firepower available to the section whilst reducing load.

Sighting systems

As a reconnaissance soldier you will become proficient in the use of a variety of high quality sighting systems that will aid you in carrying out your job. These systems are both vehicle mounted and dismounted and include night vision, image intensifiers and thermal vision.

Weapon Systems of a dismounted soldier in the Close Quarter Battle environment.

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