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There are a wide variety of roles available to a Royal Lancer. During your first few years the Regiment you could be employed in a number of the following ways.


Your first position will most likely be as a driver mechanic within in a Sabre Troop. You will be part of a 3 man crew, responsible for keeping the vehicle on the road and moving with stealth around the battlefield. Initial driver training is conducted the Armour Centre in Bovington, Dorset as part of Phase 2 training. All RAC soldiers receive a full civilian car licence as well as the ‘H’ category for tracked vehicles as part of their initial trade training.


Once you have completed Phase 2 training you will progress to be trained in use of the vehicle mounted weapon systems we employ; the 30mm RARDEN Cannon and 7.62mm coaxially mounted machine gun. These weapon systems are complimented by proven, high performance sighting systems that allow us to deliver excellent accuracy in all climates, day or night.


Recce soldiers provide timely and accurate information that enable battle-winning decisions to be made by our commanders. To aid in this you will be trained in 21st century encrypted digital communications, provided primarily by the BOWMAN system. As your skills progress in this area, there may be opportunity for you to gain civilian recognized qualifications such as an NVQ level 3 in Telecommunications.

Support Trooper

Trained in demolitions, explosives, clearing and blocking routes and the use of anti-armour Javelin missiles, Support Troopers are fit, robust and a valuable asset to their commander.


All Recce soldiers are expected to be able to shoot with a high level of accuracy. Our very best are selected to take on the role of Sniper. If successful, you will learn the highest standard of field craft and marksmanship in order to move unseen about the battlefield and engage targets at distances unachievable with standard weapons. Snipers are a force multiplier on the battlefield having an impact far greater than that of a standard soldier.

Crew Commander

The coveted role of being a crew commander; crew commanders are expected to command a CVR(T) in a Sabre Troop and be quick thinking and take initiative. Often they will operate out of sight of their Officer Commanding and be expected to make snap decisions and judgements that will influence the entire Battlegroup.

Troop Leader

The first appointment for a newly commissioned officer, and the most responsible. In charge of upto 5 CVR(T)s in a Sabre Troop, the Troop Leader is responsible for interpreting the intent from his higher command and driving his troop forward in search of answers for the battlegroup.

Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC/FAC)

JTACs are the link between the air and ground. If it leaves an aircraft, the JTAC is controlling it. They are charged with ensuring that they can direct anything from Video of insurgents planting IEDs or dropping 1000lb bombs – and at all times they have to protect civilians and friendly troops.

Anti-tank Troop

Utilising the formidable Javelin Anti-tank guided missile, the AT troop are the Armoured Cavalry’s first line of defence against heavy armour.

A Royal Lancer is trained to be able to operate and maintain a wide variety of vehicles, weapons and communication systems, understand his commander’s intent and above all be able to think independently to achieve his aim.

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