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Join us

If you think you have what it takes to become a Royal Yeomanry soldier then we want to hear from you.

From civilian to soldier

We are recruiting men and women who are keen, determined and fit. If you have no military experience you will undertake a progressive training programme covering all the skills you need from fitness, to weapon handling, navigation, living in the field, basic battle tactics and marksmanship.

Once through recruit training you will undertake more advanced training on heavy weapons, radios and driving a variety of vehicles which will enable you to carry out our light cavalry role.

Two Royal Yeomanry soldiers engage the enemy during a field exercise


If you already have military experience either in the regular army, as a reservist or in the OTC you may be eligible to bypass some or all initial training. We have a strong core of ex-regulars and OTC throughout the regiment who have returned to the colours and are pursuing a second career with the Army Reserve.

There are also financial incentives for ex-regulars who join the Royal Yeomanry. Speak to your recruiting team for details or your RCMO if you are still serving.

A reconnaisance troop including mobilised soldiers celebrates the end of a tour

Progression and opportunities

Once through basic training, there are opportunities to specialise and the flexibility of the Royal Yeomanry is shown by the range of roles in which our men and women have mobilised. These include armoured fighting vehicle crewmen, Forward Air Controllers, linguists, trainers, helicopter door gunners, medics and storemen.

Already have a skill?

We are also recruiting NHS professionals to form our in-house medical section, chefs to keep our soldiers fed and musicians to play in our world renowned regimental band.

Contact your local squadron to find out how you could use these skills in the Royal Yeomanry.

The band plays during the 2012 Olympic Games

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