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Operational Deployment

Although primarily a mounted Regiment, The Light Dragoons (and its predecessors) have fulfilled many roles over the years which prove just how adaptable the modern Light Cavalry soldier is. The Light Dragoons are highly experienced with many operational and peace keeping tours around the world.


The Regiment and its forbearers have been involved with many peace keeping missions. Predominantly during the 1980's it was involved in the peace keeping mission in Cyprus. This was set up to prevent further fighting between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities after the hostilities of 1974.

The 13th/18th Hussars and 15th/19th The Kings Royal Hussars were deployed on several occasions across the Island. They assisted with the supervision of the cease fire lines and undertook humanitarian activities whilst maintaining the buffer zone between the divided communities.

The Balkans

During the 1990's The Light Dragoons were heavily involved with peacekeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Initially this was with the United Nations; monitoring the cease fire agreement signed by the Croatian Government and local Serbian authorities.

This role later developed into a multinational military Implementation Force which established a durable end to the hostilities. The Light Dragoons deployed 13 times during the 1990's; probably more than any other unit in the British Army.


Very shortly after the invasion of Iraq the Regiment deployed as part of a large force to assist with the stabilisation of the country post conflict. The Light Dragoons were responsible for patrolling the borders between Iran and Iraq as well as Kuwait and Iraq.

A later deployment saw The Light Dragoons involved with counter insurgency and the training of the fledgling Iraqi Police Force.


More recently, The Light Dragoons have been in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and assisting with the creation and training of the Afghan Army. The most arduous deployment the Regiment has seen for many decades. The Regiment was involved with numerous large scale operations during its deployment in attempt to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban.

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