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The Household Cavalry Regiment (HCR)

The Household Cavalry Regiment (HCR) is an Armoured Cavalry regiment permanently based at Combermere Barracks in Windsor. The HCR sits within the Reactive Force of the British Army and is ready to respond to crises anywhere around the world.

The main role of Armoured Cavalry soldiers is to gather information on the battlefield in order to provide accurate, timely and continuous intelligence in all conditions in order to allow commanders to make informed tactical decisions. The Household Cavalry Regiment achieves this by being experts in both mounted and dismounted reconnaissance.

household cavalry regiment

Traditionally mounted on horseback as a fast and overwhelming force, today the cavalry are mounted on Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) – CVR(T) – vehicles.

The primary vehicle is the Scimitar; fast, light and agile which can cross the battlefield at speed and remain undetected. The combination of the Scimitar’s modern Battle Group Thermal Imager (BGTI) sighting systems and low profile mean it can reach places where many other vehicles cannot and then monitor enemy activity undetected by day and by night.

The Household Cavalry also have sniper and surveillance specialists who can covertly infiltrate into enemy terrain and remain hidden for days whilst gathering information and intelligence on the enemy force.

The Armoured Cavalry soldier has to rely on his wit, ingenuity and intellect to find, understand and exploit information pertaining to the enemy and the environment. In the current operating climate where it is often difficult to distinguish between ally, civilian and combatant; the reliance on intelligent, thinking soldiers has never been greater.

Household Cavalry Regiment

Over the coming years the Household Cavalry will continue to develop and hone the Army’s understanding of Armoured Cavalry in both a mounted and dismounted capability. This will be done by deploying on a number of exercises throughout the coming year, most excitingly in Kenya and Brunei. This is all in preparation for the replacement of the Scimitar with the Ajax armoured vehicle by 2020.

The new Ajax vehicle will have state of the art sights, protection, weaponry and interoperability. The platform will provide a step change for how mounted reconnaissance is conducted and the Household Cavalry will be equipped ready to conduct operations in the complex nature of the modern battlefield.

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