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The Regiment today

Photo gallery of recent events


2016 was another busy year for the Regiment; it was the ‘other tasks’ year of the three year cycle, and as such A and C Squadrons provided tanks and logistic support for the Land Warfare Centre to train fresh vehicle commanders.  B Squadron deployed to Canada to act as the Opposing Force (OPFOR) to the QRH Battlegroup training on the prairie.  Recce Troop attended the Cambrian Patrol and returned with a gold medal and Support Squadron were kept occupied with a wide variety of tasks including support to Exercise TRACTABLE, a Divisional mobilisation exercise involving 800 vehicles.

In the latter half of 2016, the KRH Battlegroup began to gear up for BATUS 2017, conducting a Battlefield Study of the Operation MARKET GARDEN battlefields in Holland, and deploying on numerous exercises on Salisbury Plain.

On the Adventurous Training front, the KRH were able to send soldiers canoeing in the USA, diving in Cyprus, sailing across the Atlantic and a Regimental AT camp in Weymouth.


2015 marked 300 years since the formation, in 1715, of three antecedent regiments of the King’s Royal Hussars.  The regiment celebrated this occasion with a series of events in the summer, culminating in an inspection by Princess Anne.

It was a good year for competitions as the Regiment sent a team to take part in the Cambrian Patrol competition and they returned with a gold medal.  A KRH team from Recce Troop won the CVR(T) category at the Annual Mounted Gunnery Competition, while teams from A Squadron achieved a 2nd and a 5th place.  There have been numerous exercises throughout the year on which to hone the core skills of fighting in tanks.

Adventurous training has figured highly with the Regiment sending soldiers sailing in the Carribean, diving in the Phillipines and skydiving in Spain, amongst other activities.


2014 was a fully resourced and supported training year for the KRH, which in October 2014 took on the role of Lead Armoured Battle Group (LABG).  This involved range packages in Lulworth and Castlemartin and troop-level exercises on Salisbury Plain, before the battlegroup deployed to Canada for a month-long validation exercise.  On its return from Canada, the LABG was then sent to Poland as part of the UK contribution to NATO Immediate Assurance Measures.

The Regiment also provided support to the Environment Agency as large areas of southern England flooded.


Lt Col Justin Kingsford takes over command of KRH from Lt Col Alex PottsIn April, The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Alex Potts handed over command of the Regiment to Lieutenant Colonel Justin Kingsford. Alex Potts commanded the Regiment for two and half years. Key accomplishments include the founding of the Regimental Association, a successful Battle Group Exercise in Canada and an outstanding tour of Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 16. Justin Kingsford will now prepare the Regiment to deploy to Canada again before the Regiment takes over the role of Lead Armoured Battle Group.


February 2012: HRH The Princess Royal visited KRH on 6 February as the Regiment’s Colonel in Chief prior to their deployment. She was greeted by an honour guard from B Squadron before being shown examples of the training the Regiment has been through in preparation for their tour. There was a Counter Improvised Explosive Device demonstration illustrating the degree of training required to deal with these threats. Another stand exhibited the hi-tech protective equipment our soldiers will be using in Helmand.

January 2012: HRH Prince Michael of Kent visited KRH prior to their forthcoming deployment. During the visit the Senior Colonel travelled in a Warthog armoured vehicle. D Squadron, KRH will use the vehicle to provide protected mobility for brigade troops throughout the British area of operations. KRH are to deploy on Op HERRICK 16 to Lashkar Gah in Helmand, to continue the transition of responsibility for security to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). He presented Long Service and Good Conduct medals and an Accumulated Campaign Service medal to some soldiers from the Regiment.
Spring 2012: The King’s Royal Hussars deploy to Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, to complete a six-month tour of operations as a complete Battlegroup. The soldiers have various tasks, from dismounted patrolling through the green zone to long-range operations on the latest Army vehicles such as Mastiff and Warthog. Much time is spent helping to develop the fast-improving Afghan national security forces and protecting the local population from insurgents.

Winter 2012: The Regiment conducts rigorous training in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. Individual courses teach technical skills and familiarisation on the very latest equipment in preparation for tours as a ground-holding Battlegroup. Demanding exercises practice the troops in all aspects of their work from basic patrolling to complex search and detention operations.


Summer 2011: Exercise Prairie Thunder 3 at the British Army Training Unit in Alberta, Canada provides a fitting test for the Regiment in its core Challenger 2 role. Despite soaring temperatures and violent storms, the tanks successfully take the lead in destroying enemy armour formations and insurgent groupings in one of the largest live firing exercises conducted by the British Army. A significant part of the exercise also uses a laser simulation system to allow dismounted training in the military disciplines required in complex urban operations.

Spring 2011: The Regiment conducts field training, computer simulated exercises and live firing camps (on both Challenger 2 and CVRT) in preparation for deployment to Alberta, Canada, as part of large scale exercises with the King’s Royal Hussars Battlegroup


September 2010: The Regiment is awarded the Freedom of Gloucestershire, parading in full Number One dress uniform in front of over 1000 dignitaries.

May 2010: B Squadron travelled to the Falkland Islands to make up their protection force. This was the first time a cavalry unit had supplied this force and they proved entirely successful, both on exercises and in security patrolling across the islands.

January 2010: A and D Squadrons travel to South Africa on a live firing dismounted exercise. This was combined with opportunities for adventurous training in a completely new environment.


December 2009: C Squadron began a year working at short notice to move to go anywhere in the world with 42 Commando Royal Marines. This led to them conducting amphibious assault training in their CVRT Scimitar vehicles.

November 2009: Soldiers from The King’s Royal Hussars deployed at short notice to Operation HERRICK 11 in Afghanistan. Deployed on MASTIFF armoured vehicles, they protected infrastructure, moved troops and delivered essential convoys in central Helmand province.

Summer 2009: The Regiment enjoys a full summer in the UK with most of the Regiment able to enjoy organised and ambitious adventurous training and sports. A battlefield study of Berlin was also conducted.

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