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Regular Service

Custody Specialist Adjutant General's Corps (Military Provost Staff)

The Military Provost Staff Regiment (MPS Regt) is a small but vital part of the Provost Branch of the Adjutant General's Corps. The MPS provides custodial care services to the Armed Forces. The MPS is responsible for the discipline, security, welfare and rehabilitation of Service personnel committed to Service Detention. This also includes civilians who are subject to the Armed Forces Act. On operations it provides the running of longer term detention facilities and is able to provide advice from the Point of Capture.

While the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) at Colchester is the main area of employment for the MPS Regt, there are opportunities to serve elsewhere in the UK, Germany, Service Custody Facilities(SCF) (seven across the UK) and on operations.

They provide the technical advice required to the Guard Force and monitor the conditions of custody. In recent history MPS have been responsible for the provision of custodial facilities for indigenous criminals and internees. In Iraq they were responsible for the regeneration of the Iraqi Custodial System. In Afghanistan they provided Detention Specialists to run the three facilities within Southern Afghanistan, and on occasion deployed forward to assist with the establishment of Unit Holding Areas. Currently the MPS Regt have staff deployed to the Canada, Falkland Islands and Estonia. They also deploy as part of Short Term Training Teams to Africa, as well as exercises across the world.

Is it the right job for me?

We are looking for motivated, energetic, dynamic, inspired and committed men and women from all three Services to join a unique team. Have you got the necessary life experience and professional leadership qualities to take up this challenging and rewarding career?

Will you be able to motivate disillusioned Service Personnel towards taking control of their life, returning either to the Services better focussed having regained their self-respect or to civilian life better prepared for their future?

Am I right for the job?

If you feel that a career in the Military Provost Staff would be right for you it is recommended that you arrange a walk around of MCTC prior to submitting your transfer paperwork (AF B241). The visit will involve a member of the MPS showing you all the various departments of MCTC and give you a better insight into the role of a Custodial Specialist and will allow you to have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

To arrange a visit or to gain answers to any queries you may still have, contact: 94660 6694 (Civilian 01206 81 6694) and speak to the Recruiting Warrant officer.

There are some basic criteria that need to be met and these are contained within Defence Instructions and Notices: 2010DIN01-177. The process begins with all candidates completing the AFB 241 'Application for Transfer', MS Referral and Provost Vetting (available from the Recruiting WO).

All candidates will be assessed for suitability during a vetting process that checks personal details held on the PNC (Police National Computer) and other databases. Details of any criminal convictions will be disclosed at this stage.

All candidates will be assessed as suitable to work with children and Young Persons having completed a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Enhanced check specifically to work within the MPS Regt.

What training will I do?

You have already begun your training prior to arriving at MCTC, your current employment, courses and Operational tours, life experience and other skills are what make you unique. Combined with skills you will learn on the Custodial NCO’s Course help to form you into someone equipped to make a difference.

MPS Regt staff have the opportunity to develop themselves by attending courses to enable them to carry out additional roles and responsibilities. Roles such as Military Training Instructor, as well as Prison Service courses such as, Negotiator and Use of Force Instructor are just some examples.

Custodial NCO's Course

Takes place over 13 weeks and is broken down into 3 stages.

Stage 1 - Selection week
Interview board.
Inter-personal skills assessments.
Fitness Assessments (PFA and AFT).
Written Assessments.
Suitable applicants will move to stage 2.
Those found not suitable will be Returned To Unit.

Stage 2 - Teaching Phase - 6 weeks
The Role of the MPS in Peacetime and on Operations (including CPERS).
MCTC working practices.
Custody rules and regulations.
Information Technology training.
Use of Force Training.
First Aid at Work Course.

Stage 3 - Practical Assessments - 6 weeks
Work Place Assessment

Candidates will be accommodated in Colchester Garrison for the duration of the course. Personnel stationed locally may apply to live out once they have reached Stage 2 of the course.

Career Path

On completion of the CNC course successful candidates will be transferred to the MPS Regt in the substantive rank of Corporal or Sergeant subject to CLM and education criteria being met. Those who hold a higher rank must be prepared to revert to Sergeant.

Promotion prospects within the AGC (MPS) are excellent and the potential of reaching Warrant Officer are good. Opportunities for Late Entry commission within the Corps are available at the later stages of a Custodial Specialist's career as Corps Officers are sought solely from the ranks of the MPS Regt.


MPS are paid on Supplement 1. Pay is a complex issue and therefore you are directed to seek advice in the first instance from your unit RAO, and also JSP 754, Ch 3, Sect 10 'Pay on Change of Branch or Trade'.

Operational Commitments / Postings

Members of the MPS Regt will serve a large part of their career at MCTC carrying out custodial duties. Postings and operational commitments allow members of the MPS to be posted away from MCTC for periods of time. Listed below are some of the postings that members of the MPS currently carry out:

SCF Staff - responsibilities are to advise outside agencies and units on custodial matters and CPERS handling.
Current Posts – Falkland Islands (SSgt 6 Months), Germany (SSgt only), Aldergrove Catterick, Edinburgh, London, Bulford and Colchester.

MPGS Training Team - Training members of the MPGS in all aspects of security and base protection.
Current Posts – Defence School for Policing and Guarding, Southwick Park.

Provost Posts - Subject matter experts whose responsibilities are to advise on all Operational CPERS matters.
Current Posts - Defence School for Policing and Guarding, Southwick Park and HQ 1MP Bde, Andover.

Further Information

For further information on transferring to the MPS please contact:

MPS Recruiting

Military: (9) 4660 6694
Cilvilian: 01206 816694

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