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MPS Army Reserve

The Army Reserve is an integral part of the British Army, fulfilling a vital role in the nation's defence and peacekeeping operations, both at home and abroad. It is staffed by spare-time, voluntary personnel, representing one quarter of the Army's total capability.

The Military Provost Staff (MPS) Reserve Company is a relatively new unit being formed in 2007 to work alongside the Regular MPS on deployed operations, providing the custodial capability and ensuring the effective and humane detention of Captured Persons (CPERS) whether they are Prisoners of War, Internees or Detainees.

Personnel currently serving with MPS Reserve Company come from a diverse blend of professions from Prison Officers, Police Officers to a physical training instructor.

What they all have in common is the enthusiasm and energy to commit to a rewarding spare-time career that offers a challenging and rewarding path they can pursue up to the age of 55. The majority will have previous military experience of some form or another; some will be working in a custodial setting or have a life skill that will add value to a unique, necessary and distinctive team.

Basic Military Training (Phase 1)

If you have no military experience then your military training will start with a Phase 1 training course. You will be taught basic soldiering skills including weapon handling, living in the field, first aid and navigation. Phase 1 training is delivered in 2 parts:

Phase 1 Alpha (Ph1 A) consists of 4 weekend training modules or ideally a 7 day consolidated course delivered from an Army Training Unit (ATU).

Phase 1 Bravo (Ph1 B) consists of a 2 week residential course delivered at the Army Training Centre (ATC) Pirbright.

Detention Specialist Course (Phase 2)

This is a 2 week residential course designed to give you the knowledge and experience to deliver the custodial capability on operations. The course consists of three modules; CPERS training, Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) and Career, Leadership and Management (CLM) training.

The course is delivered at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC), Colchester by Regular and Reserve soldiers of the MPS Regiment.

Transfer into the MPS Reserve Company

Transfer to the MPS Reserve Company is available for those individuals already serving in an Army Reserve unit. You need the minimum rank of Private with one recommendation for promotion. You will need to attend an interview at MCTC to assess your suitability and experience for post and also submit a Provost Criminal Vetting Questionnaire.

To begin the transfer process, submit a completed AFE 7547 form to your CO.


This will be decided during the enlistment/transfer process. It will depend on availability of posts within the unit and you’re current or previous rank.

If you have no previous military experience you will join the MPS Reserve Company as a Private Soldier and potentially promote to Lance Corporal on completion of Phase 2 training.


Commitment is what makes the MPS Army Reserve a vital part of the British Army. As a National Reserve Unit, the minimum training commitment is 19 days per training year. The training year runs from 01 April – 31 March.

Training is delivered in 2 parts; Annual Continuous Training (ACT) and Non-Continuous Training (NCT). ACT is a residential, 16 day training package and NCT is a 3 day weekend package.

Further Opportunities

The opportunity to attend additional training for professional development exists; also Military courses can form part of the training commitment. Unit members are actively encouraged to work and train alongside their Regular peers whether at the MCTC, on Exercises, or adventure training.

Joining the MPS Reserve Company

Address: MPS Reserve Company, MPS Regiment, MCTC, Berechurch Hall Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 9NU

Email: MPS-ArmyReserve-RSUSO@mod.uk

Tel: 01206 543591.

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