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Visitor information

Visits to Detainees at MCTC

Entitlement: Subject to the Commandant's discretion, Service personnel detained at MCTC may be visited once on a Two weekly basis, on either a Saturday or Sunday commencing from the second weekend of detention. A visit comprises of one two-hour period on either day and a maximum of four adults may visit at any one time. All visitors to the MCTC are subject to the following conditions.

Restrictions: Whilst every effort will be made to permit all four adults to attend visits at the same time, on occasion, circumstances arise and Duty Staff may request that the number of visitors is restricted to two persons. If this is the case and there are four persons in your party, you will be asked to visit on a rotational basis.

Items/gifts: A maximum of 2 magazines, of a suitable nature, may be brought to the visit for handover. "Suitable nature" is decreed to be any magazine not restricted for sale to over 18s.

Visit programme: Visits take place on Saturday and Sunday from 1000 - 1200 and 14:30 - 16:30.

Application to visit: Please complete a Visit Application Form and forward it to the Welfare Dept at MCTC. Application Forms for permits to visit MCTC must be clearly written and contain your address, the detainee's name, MCTC No and Company in block capitals. Only those persons named on the Application Form will be permitted to visit MCTC. Your cooperation in ensuring that your Application Form to visit arrives at MCTC seven days prior to the date of your visit would be very much appreciated. The latest time that visits Application Forms will be accepted is by midday Thursday for the coming weekend.

Confirmation of visit: Your Application to visit MCTC will be confirmed in writing, and exceptionally by telephone, by a member of the Welfare staff. Please do not proceed to the MCTC if your visit has not been confirmed, as it is very unlikely that entry will be authorised.

Late arrivals: It is very much appreciated that you may have to travel long distances to MCTC and for a number of reasons, arrive after the commencement of visits. If this is the case, a guarantee that you will be permitted the full two-hour visit cannot be given.

As you will no doubt appreciate, if visitors do not arrive on time the impact this has on the detainee and to this end, your cooperation in arriving on time, or if you know you are going to be late, keeping Duty Staff informed is very much appreciated. Useful telephone numbers in this instance are 01206 816757 (Main Gate) or 01206 816754 (Reception).

Further visits: If you intend to visit again, Application Forms can be obtained from the Duty Staff during your visit. You may either complete the Application Form and return it to the Duty Staff or take it away with you to complete at your convenience and then forward it to the MCTC as before.

Comments/feedback: To ensure that visitors to MCTC are provided with the best possible service your comments/feedback are very much appreciated. Feedback forms are available from either the Duty Staff or from the Welfare Office Manager.


Waiting area: For those visitors arriving early, a waiting room, with vending machines dispensing soft drinks, crisps and sweets is available and is located in close proximity to the car park.

Disabled persons: Whilst limited facilities exist for disabled persons, every effort will be made to assist with and during the visit to MCTC to make it as comfortable as possible. Disabled visitors are encouraged to contact the Welfare Office at their earliest convenience to discuss the visit and any concerns that one may have.

Children: Whilst at MCTC, parents/guardians remain responsible for their children. A TV and video is provided for children in the visits area, there is also a children’s play centre that can be utilised for Families Days (Child Play Days). Limited mother and toddler facilities are available where nappy changing can take place, however, changing mats are not provided. Parents/guardians are encouraged to liaise with Welfare staff prior to their visit if they have any concerns or require additional information.

Refreshments: Refreshment in the form of tea, biscuits and chilled water are available to visitors. A Coca Cola dispensing machine is located in Reception as well as a Tea and Coffee machine.

Travel & Accommodation

Travel: There are 4 trains an hour, which depart from London, Liverpool Street Station for COLCHESTER. A fast train takes 50 minutes and a slow train just over an hour.

Taxis are operating from the station and a fare of £8 is usually the cost. However, this amount does vary. Additional taxi information can be obtained from the Welfare Department.

Local buses run from the Railway Station but usually a change is required in the town, which will bring you to the end of Berechurch Hall Road. There is then a walk of about 1 mile, which takes about 20 minutes (more with children). Road directions to the MCTC.

Accommodation: Colchester town is located approximately 3 miles from the MCTC and there is an acute shortage of reasonably priced accommodation available. Visitors are advised to take this into consideration when formulating their travel plans. Further advice/ assistance is available from the Welfare Office.

Assisted travel: It is possible that some close relatives, normally next of kin, who are in receipt of Income Support or FAMGRANT may be entitled to financial assistance with travel/accommodation. Further details are available from the Welfare Office.


Point of contact: The initial point of contact at MCTC for all matters relating to visits is the Welfare Office Manager who is contactable Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1230 and 1330 - 1600 on:

Telephone: 01206 816751

Fax: 01206 816755

Outside normal working hours and Bank Holidays please contact the Main Gate on 01206 816757.

Mobile telephones: Please note that the use of mobile phones in the MCTC by visitors is prohibited and you are requested to ensure that mobile phones are switched off prior to entry into the Centre.


It cannot be emphasised enough that, if you have any concerns or require additional information concerning visits to MCTC please do not hesitate to contact the Welfare Office Manager at your earliest convenience whereupon, every effort will be made to assist you.

Your visit will be an invaluable contribution to the support network already in place at MCTC, and your continued cooperation in achieving this is extremely appreciated.

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