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RMP Recruitment

A career in the Provost Branch of the Army is varied and extremely challenging. There are opportunities to specialise in fields such as Special Investigations (the military equivalent of the CID), Close Protection, Covert Operations and Intelligence, Custodial Duties and Guarding. The opportunities include full time regular and Army Reserve service.
The links provided on this page will take you to information on joining the Royal Military Police and Royal Military Police Reserve. You can also contact our recruiting teams by ringing 0845 600 8080 or by emailing - Soldier recruitment: AGC RHQ-Sldrs-RMP-SNCO or Officer Recruitment: AGC RHQ-Pers-RMP-SO3

Royal Military Police Officer

RMP Officer: a varied, challenging and diverse career, ranging from commanding Soldiers to gaining qualifications and experience within the policing or specialised roles.


Royal Military Police Soldier

Responsible for maintaining law and order in the Army, detecting and investigating crime.

RMP soldier on ops

Royal Military Police Reserve

Highly trained men and women who work alongside their Regular Army counterparts both on exercise and during operations.


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