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Join the ETS Reserves

As the Reserve Army grows to a trained strength of 32,000, the ETS(R) is being expanded to deliver the support needed to sustain the Army’s new units and their roles.

More than 120 new Army ETS(R) posts are being established between 2012 and 2018. Like their Regular counterparts, all ETS (R) officers will be professionally qualified learning development specialists. We are recruiting on a national basis, seeking to find the best people for the job. You will require a Level 5 or above teaching qualification and Honours degree in order to join.

ETS (R) officers will teach both Regular and Reserve officers and NCOs undertaking career development courses.

What do we deliver?

Learning Development Officers (LDOs) will chiefly provide Command, Leadership and Management education and training for corporals, sergeants and WOs in the Regular and Reserve Army. They will also deliver the Junior Officer Leadership Package and support the Army’s officer professional development programme.

Officer Tutors will deliver the Military Analysis course programme which produce flexibility of thought and attitude, and communications skills, required by captains. They will also support Reserve Army units to develop officers’ intellectual capabilities.

Where do we work?

The majority of ETS(R) officers will work at Army Education Centres (AECs) and Army Training Units (ATUs) across the UK. Training Development Specialists will carry out specific projects, across the UK, required to improve operational capability.

Those in senior staff appointments will serve in Headquarters Support Command in Aldershot and York, and at the Army Headquarters in Andover.

What other roles do ETS(R) undertake?

Learning Development Advisors undertake the development of new education and training courses and material. They also review and adjust training programmes to ensure that officers and soldiers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to enable them to work in their particular employment either in the UK or overseas

ETS(R) officers will serve in posts outside their normal educational role, as part of their professional development, to broaden their military expertise and prepare them for advancement.

ETS(R) officers may volunteer for deployment on overseas operations, working as unit LDOs or as Cultural and Language Specialist. Mobilisation will only take place in the event of a crisis which calls for ETS(R) specialist skills.

What qualifications are required?

All ETS(R) staff must hold an honour’s degree or equivalent qualification. Those employed in the Linguist and Cultural Specialist roles also require an appropriate language qualification.

LDOs must hold a recognised teaching qualification, preferably with not less than two years’ educational experience.

A minimum rank of captain is required for those seeking to serve in the Training Development and Officer Tutor roles. Those selected for these roles must also hold, or be working towards, a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline.

There will be regular opportunities for promotion; those selected for captain, major and lieutenant colonel must undertake training or pre-employment courses either at Worthy Down, the Defence Academy or Army training establishments.

How will we select ETS(R) staff?

Potential ETS(R) officers must pass the Army Officer Selection Board. They will then complete initial officer training culminating at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, at which point they formally join the ETS(R). This is followed by pre- employment training at the Army School of Education before undertaking their first appointment.

ETS(R) staff will complete a selection process prior to each subsequent appointment. This is designed to ensure that only those with appropriate leadership and management skills, as well as professional educational expertise, are selected for each post.

What development opportunities exist?

ETS(R) officers will assume a new post every 3 years and Continuing Professional Development will be provided as part of this process. This could include obtaining a higher level educational or instructional qualification and will provide the chance to gain accredited leadership and management qualifications, which will enhance any civilian career.

After consolidating skills, and following subsequent promotion, ETS(R) officers will also undertake further military Career Development courses at the Land Warfare School and the Defence Academy prior to the promotion to the rank of captain and major. There are limited opportunities for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Do I need previous military experience?

Previous military experience is not essential for those seeking an ETS (R) commission.

How much time must I commit?

ETS(R) officers must complete no less than 19 days training each year, with an expectation that 35 days will be the norm. Those in staff appointments will be required to work not less than 40 days per year.

Training is undertaken using a mix of week long courses as well as some weekend work. Completion of this minimum training, which includes Mandatory Military Skills Training, is recognised by a financial bonus known as a training bounty.

How do I find out more?

We are keen to recruit qualified Reserve Officers as well as those working in the secondary, further and higher education sectors, who share our Values and Standards.

If you are not in the Army, visit the Joining the Army section of this website. Online staff will answer your questions about the Army Reserve and the role of ETS(R).

If you are interested in joining the ETS (R) please contact SO3 ETS Reserve Recruiting on 01962 887598 or email a CV to AGCRHQ-Pers-ETS-SO3Reserves@mod.uk

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The ETS develops the education of British soldiers and officers worldwide, including functional skills (Maths and English) and career development

ETS provides a deployed educational capability, cultural awareness training and language support, Short Term Training Teams and Library and Information Services

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