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Sport and adventurous training

Sport and adventurous training is actively encouraged in the Army as it develops leadership skills, promotes team building and fosters esprit de corps.


A wide variety of sports are played in the Army and members of the AGC participate at all levels. From Angling to Triathlon there is a sport for all abilities.

A number of our sports teams have toured other countries in order to play teams as far apart as the West Indies to Australia.

Member of the AGC polo team

Adventurous training

Members of the AGC take part in numerous expeditions each year at home and overseas.

Expeditions included the Joint Services Mountaineering Expedition to the Himalayas, sky diving in Florida, sub aqua diving in the Red Sea, outdoor pursuits in the Lake Dustrict, trekking in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, trekking in Namibia.

Meeting a turtle in the Red Sea

Other expeditions include trekking in the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park, skiing in European countries, sailing around the Canary Islands, open water swimming and canoeing in Wales.

There have also been overseas expeditions to places as far apart as Peru, Bolivia, India and Vietnam.

Sky diving

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