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Educational and Training Services

Educational and Training Services (ETS) officers provide learning and development opportunities for serving personnel wherever they are around the world.

Educating the Army

The Army's most valuable resource is its personnel. Education is vital to ensure that officers and soldiers are intellectually able to meet the roles of a modern technological army both in barracks and when deployed on complex and challenging operations.

The Educational and Training Services (ETS) Branch provides that education to Regular and Reserve Army personnel, helping them to meet the challenges of the 21st century challenges by training for certainty and educating for uncertainty.

The ETS is an all-officer, all-graduate branch, responsible for educational and training support to all elements of the Army. The ETS policy of ‘Educating Forward’ ensures day to day contact with soldiers from all Arms and Services, both in barracks and on Operations.

The Army has seen education as critical to its success on operations for many years. The tasks of the ETS have significantly grown over the past few years and, as the Army changes its roles and structures, the ETS is changing to meet them.

Currently, the ETS employs more than 300 Regular and Reserve officers delivering a range of educational fields including support to professional development (ProfDev); improving Functional Skills; supporting instructor development; teaching operational languages and providing cultural advice; and leading training development.

Organisation of the ETS

ETS officers are not organised into regiments or companies and all are employed in the following roles:

  • Learning and Development Officers in Army Education Centres (AECs). AECs are grouped within the Army Education Service which is managed by four Lt Cols or 'Commander ETS'. There are two Commander ETS in UK (North and South), one in British Forces Germany (BFG) and one in British Forces Cyprus (BFC), each commanding four AEC Groups.
  • Training development posts in the Directorate Training (Army) Capability Directorates, Army Recruiting and Training Division (ARTD) or in Defence Training Establishments.
  • Headquarters, E2, Operational and Training appointments.

The links provided on this page will take you to information on joining the Educational and Training Services. You can also email AGCRHQ-Pers-ETS-SO3@mod.uk

Find out more about...

The ETS develops the education of British soldiers and officers worldwide, including functional skills (Maths and English) and career development

ETS provides a deployed educational capability, cultural awareness training and language support, Short Term Training Teams and Library and Information Services

Recruiting information

Become part of the ETS and help continue the education of soldiers and officers. Roles include Learning Development Officer and Foundation College Instructor

As the Army Reserve grows to a trained strength of 32,000, the ETS(R) is being expanded to deliver the support needed to sustain the new units

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining the ETS, either as a Regular or Reserve Army Officer, and would like to know more, please follow the link to the Role finder page.

Training officer on exercise

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